Team TAGSPORT® uses the intense experiences and vast audience exposure of premier racing and sporting categories on land, sea and air as a platform for business. Our stage for lifestyle, travel and reality entertainment will utilize embedded digital video production. Which will be delivered through television, the internet and direct to users of a new branded wireless handset program.

TAGSPORT’S  stage for entertainment will enable limitless story lines that we will bring to handsets, television and the internet. This will include traveling to and from events, building, testing and developing racing machinery, promotional and social functions, and other elements in a form of connected personalized story-telling too rare in today’s media. We will deliver the pulse pounding excitement of a motor sport/human sport and the hospitality and pastimes of interesting people as we travel the world, all captured and seen on

Using the latest communication technology TAGSPORT® partners will be able to make direct, seamless and lasting connections with millions of end users, fans and customers. It will also enable our partners to become providers of choice in this new socially connected world - strongly influencing lifestyle choices and brand preferences.  

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