TagSportGP will compete in and showcase current contemporary open and enclosed wheeled sports racing cars. We will design and build these in our race shop, they will be powered by one-liter, four-cylinder motorcycle engines that rev to 13,000 rpm and produce up to 200hp.The F1K car weighs in at a scant 1000lbs (with driver) and is capable of speeds in excess of 160mph. Again all aspects of this project will be documented with digital video for tag2c.tv viewers, putting you in the driver’s seat!

For a change of pace, and interest from partners, TagSportGP will go motorcycle and scooter racing, go kart racing, bicycle racing, sailing, ultra-light flying, skiing, snow boarding and just about anything that gets the adrenaline flowing and qualifies as exciting! All delivered direct to users of tag2c.tv enabled wireless smart phones, the internet and Café Tag.
A future example and one we should undertake (with their permission) would be the digital documentation of the Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology (#1 Engineering school in U.S. for last 13 years) competing in FSAE with their Rose GPE team in worldwide competition!  No influence or prejudice here, just because my son Jay Kautz is a key member of both the Rose GPE Team and our TagSportGP Team.

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