TagSport is a motor sports technical development, marketing and brand-building team based in Geneva, Illinois. We make creative and profitable connections among our business partners and clients. Our Team is composed of successful and dedicated people, well educated with experience, both young and old who are committed to realizing your vision. We pay close attention to detail and we are passionate about quality and great design.

We have a record of proven performance in the retail and service sectors along with a rich history in sports car racing. The team has been developing expertise in video production for over a decade that started with the contract for the North American television rights for MotoGP.

TagSport’s team is lead with common sense, pride and values that date back to the 1950’s. The technology revolution in the mid Sixty’s nurtured a passion for competition with results. Tag along with a partner dedicated to your cause!

William R. Kautz
Team Captain and Curator 


EXPERIENCE SUMMARY TagSport® founder and managing director, William Kautz, has created and managed a range of businesses from a rental car franchise to an air freight company. A winning auto racer throughout the early 1970’s and a well-known independent BMW/Porsche service operator since 1980, Mr. Kautz has extensive experience in race team operations, marketing, promotions and technical development. In 1999 he purchased the television rights for Moto GP for North America and contracted with Speedvision/FOX network to air the broadcasts. He managed the development and design for the High Technology/Entertainment Park proposed to DuPage County Illinois. He is focused on high quality/high value product and service delivery to clients. 


Jay R Kautz
Founding Partner 


Jay Kautz brings a youthful exuberances to our Tag Team along
with a vast amount of experience and common sense that
belies his age! Jay has pursued learning aggressively with a
great appetite for knowledge and wisdom. Jay’s humor and competitive nature will suit this team well in it’s pursuit of excellence!

Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology,
Terre Haute, IN 47803
Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering expected May 2013
Activities: Formula SAE Director and Design Leader and Student Innovation
Center Governance Council Member

Rose-Hulman Mechanical Engineering Dept, Terre Haute, IN
(September 2010 – Present)
Machine Shop Supervisor

• Oversee the use of campus machine shop
• Carry out projects as requested by students and faculty including
  manufacture of critical parts for student design competitions, Formula SAE.
Maintain order and safety in the machine shop
Large amount of experience TIG welding, trusted resource for student
  competition teams and capstone projects

Navistar International – Engine Division, Woodridge, IL
(Summers 2010 and 2011)

Engineering Intern 15 liter Product Development

• Involved in the creation, implementation, and testing of new 15L engine
Hands on involvement in design of engine high and low temp cooling
Evaluated testing data as it related to EPA 2010 emissions compliance
Helped with failure analysis testing to ensure International’s standing as
  a premier engine company
Dealt with supply logistics of running two simultaneous engine builds
  at separate facilities
Worked on high priority weight reduction programs
Traveled to manufacturing plant to deal with re-design fitment issues

Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology, Terre Haute, IN
(September 2009 – Present)

RoseGPE, Formula SAE, PR and Outreach Director, Drive Train Leader

• Involved in the creation of a collegiate automotive club to build a formula
  type racing car
• Focus on chassis and drive line as per past experience
• In charge of all outside team interaction and focus on marketing and
• First year of the program, complete clean-sheet design, thus
  experience in project start-up
• For 2011-12 season, chosen as the Chassis Leader, largest design role
  on the vehicle

Kautz Farm Gardens and Kitchen, Geneva, IL
(Summers 08 - present)

Assisted in the creation of a new agriculture business

• Helped start a six acre organic farm, bed layout and creation, crop selection
• Experience in planting rhizomes, fruit bushes, and vegetables
• Picked and maintained many different types of plants- soil testing and sulfur
• Oversaw the charitable contribution of thousands of pounds of produce and
  supplies to the Northern Illinois Food Bank- supplier to over 800 local food

Geneva, IL
(May 2000 – August 2009)

Automotive and Motorcycle Technician and Vehicle and Apparel Sales Assistant

• One of the youngest Moto Guzzi certified technicians
• Never had a repair return due to mis-installation
• Gained valuable insight on packaging design as well as a background in
  automotive systems
• Sold new motorcycles and scooters to retail customers
• Created sales leads and closed sales worth over $200,000
• In charge of inventory management


• Wide range of computer skills, Word, Maple, PowerPoint, Eclipse, as well as
  knowledge in programming in Python, C, and Java and CAD software such as
  SolidWorks and Inventor/AutoCAD
• Knowledgeable with most all hand and power tools
• Experience with metal and woodworking
• Closing speaker at high school Graduation and noted speaker for SADD
  Club during high school
• Traveled internationally, experience navigating in and outside foreign cites
• Experience as a student pilot
• Built a go kart, designed all the mounting plates and brackets and performed
  all maintenance on the kart.
• In the process of doing a complete restoration for club racing on a 1972
  MG Midget
• Experienced in manual machining
  - Many hours spent on many different lathes
  - Used auto-feeds to create bearing surfaces
  - Some experience with thread cutting on lathes
  - Able to do high tolerance machining, held 1/1000 in tolerance
  - Experience on knee type mills
  - Machined aluminum, steel, and cast iron on mill
  - Used digital readout to find center points and create bolt patterns
  - Some experience with sheet metal bend, shear, and roll machines
  - Experience welding Tig and Mig with Miller equipment
Many hours of experience doing set up work for mills, lathes
    and drill press for others

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