Team B2B Next Steps - Tools for Speed
We would like the opportunity to meet with you and/or your key decision makers at the earliest convenient date to discuss this program and tell you in detail the multiple benefits it will produce. 

After those initial conversations, we would finalize a more detailed presentation and convene a comprehensive planning meeting with you. This would lead to a memo of understanding to firm up our relationship, discussion of budgets and timelines, and a formal agreement to proceed. 

We firmly believe the industry will support and embrace this program, because we are talking about nothing short of transforming your presence in today’s socially linked marketplace! 

Let’s go faster with TagSport, together! Racing to see the world

B2B Executive Summary
Team TAGSPORT’S® Platform for Business equal Stage for Entertainment™

This document describes a major entertainment/branding strategy. It uses the intense experiences and vast audience exposure of premier racing and sporting categories on land, sea and air as a platform for business. Utilizing embedded digital video production we will deliver to television, the Internet and direct to users of a new™ branded wireless handset program our stage for lifestyle, travel and reality entertainment. Using the latest communications technology, TAGSPORT® Partners will be able to make direct, seamless and lasting connections with millions of end users, the ultimate product placement. It will also enable our partners to become providers of choice in their markets, increase their market share and become more influential in this socially connected world. 

TAGSPORT®, as designer, developer and manager of this concept, will welcome into our team people from all over the world. Through our exclusive video content,™ users will share the experience of designing, building and testing racing machines, dining and chatting with celebrities and traveling alongside the VintageTag™ and TagSportGP Team to racing/sporting events on multiple continents. They will be invited to connect with us on an authentic, entertaining, informative and unusual journey…always looking forward to the next event/story. 

We chose this platform simply because there is no other business, venture, cause, or endeavor that will produce for our partners the number of potential customer-fans generated by this sport-lifestyle, and such a meaningful and lasting connection with them. The ability to deliver socially linked messaging to millions of customers across multiple continents can have unprecedented impact on your future. 

Our stage for entertainment will enable limitless story lines for digital video content that we will bring to handsets, television and the internet. This will include traveling to and from events, testing and developing racing machinery, promotional and social functions, and other elements in a form of connected personalized story-building too rare in today’s media. We will deliver the pulse pounding excitement of a motor sport/human sport and the hospitality and pastimes of interesting people as we travel the world. Let’s utilize the unequaled productivity of competition with the cooperative cost effective willingness to be filmed!

Some companies are patrons of the arts, we are participants.

For More Information:

William Kautz, MD/Team Leader
phone: 630-232-0200
mobile: 630-397-2100

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TagSport’s Platform for Business equal Stage for Entertainment Nothing Great Happens Without Passion!  Let’s combine your team with our team to create greater intensity, discipline and commitment utilizing the unequaled productivity of competition with the cooperative cost effective willingness to be filmed! 

Replace your old passive “liability” budget for marketing, advertising, sponsorships, sales campaigns and promotions with a new active “asset” based authentic, entertaining, informative and socially linked sales and brand building strategy! 

TagSport will generate an image of excitement and speed around your products and services by embedding a full time film crew within our combined team. Our goal is to develop exclusive small and large screen informative-entertainment on a 24/7 basis ( ) for connecting the fan-user to our partners ( ipod, iphone, smart phone, etc.) and the TagSport  team experience!  It goes without saying that this is the ultimate product-service placement, creating awareness and winning viewers through the capabilities of mobile technology in a connected lifestyle, with a handheld device! 

Other great aspects of the TagSportGP  and VintageTag  brand, including a prototype mobility lifestyle café – Café Tag  will be developed and play a major role at racing and special events, at your place of business and at team headquarters as the center of hospitality and a place of social interaction and connection. With our own embedded video production crew as part of the team, we will produce exclusive custom digital video lifestyle and travel entertainment content, delivered direct to Café Tag users and the internet ( as we compete in the ultimate interface of man and machine! 

The superior demographics of co-competitors and spectator-viewers (a very large percent are business owners, entrepreneurs and car collectors) make vintage sports car racing events outstanding venues for businesses to network and build working relationships with one another, especially experiencing the five-star hospitality at Café Tag! 

Our project is thoughtful, socially beneficial, green and sustainable. It is designed to make connections between our team partners and their employees, clients and customers. We envision TagSport and to be a powerful platform in delivering socially linked communication and entertaining innovations from vision to end user. One of the many socially beneficial investments we at Kautz Farm (team base) are making is the support of the Northern Illinois Food Bank; its new distribution center is our neighbor and is home and community for eleven thousand volunteers. We will be racing 4 with our team TagSport Partners in the support of this great community cause! 

We are looking for partnerships that bring to, and support TagSport with   mobility, transport, hospitality – food/beverage, communication and digital video technology. All partners “products and service” need to be fully intergraded into and within team TagSport - your team! TagSport with will strongly influence lifestyle choices and brand preferences supporting your marketing and sales goals.

TagSport - A Team developed specifically for our corporate partners with multi-dimensional strategies between team partners and within their own individual companies staffing and support structures. This includes staff recruitment, retention and motivation, trade / industry show exhibitions, marketing, and advertising and last but not least your sales / brand building profit center!  All elements of our multi-dimensional strategy will have a clarity and competitive edge with greater visibility, intensity, discipline and commitment by combining our teams for your winning cause.
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