Vintage Tag Team’s motto –
Focus on the Future by Celebrating the Past:
Is in fact our mission for our Partners, Client-Customers, Viewers - Fans supporting our Vintage Tag racing team. We chose vintage sports car racing as our main focus and entry into competition. This choice was quite easy considering this era dates back to our original racing days. That racing experience and success is now the foundation for the Vintage Tag Team!

Refocusing back to a time when the vision-work ethic was creating, building and producing and massively less encumbered by the “Wall Street and Governmental” greed and manipulation of today’s world - is a time most people would like to revisit! Sports car racing in the mid-sixties into the early seventies was a time of purity of intent; no one was trying to control the suppliers of race cars, race track ownership allegiances, sanctioning body control or team-driver participation, which in turn created a great environment – a climate for innovation, design and competition!
Meadowdale Raceways - mid 1960's
Lynndale Farms Raceway - mid 1960's
Blackhawk Farms Raceway - 1969
Indianapolis Raceway Park - 1968
Blackhawk Farms Raceway - 1972
As you race forward into the future, it's always a good idea to check that review mirror!
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